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Exhilarating drives call for a special breed of cartridge. Found in the highest circles, our game loads are designed to give 100% performance down range. Carefully selected components combined with our bespoke formulas of propellant produce clean burning characteristics and tolerant storage. Stringent quality standards and extensive field testing, ensure the 'Hull' game range is powerful in the field yet comfortable on the shoulder. So whether it's grouse or goose, pheasant or partridge, we offer the perfect solution for the most testing of shots. As game shooting evolves and we switch to non lead loads, you are safe in the knowledge that our Research and Development technicians have developed credible alternatives. These cartridges are engineered utilising the latest, most technically advanced componentry, with each specification thoroughly tested by our infield experts in conjunction with choke and barrel specialists. Our non lead loads deliver a powerful performance with minimal impact on the environment.

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