Driven Grouse 12

High Performance Coppered Shot

Developed with industry-leading grouse specialists, estate owners and moorland keepers we offer the Ultimate Load for the Ultimate Bird.

  • Electroplated copper shot stays “truer” through the chokes and penetrates deeper effecting clean kills.
  • Characteristics equally suitable for driven partridge shooting.
  • Early and late season specifications.
  • Fast and smooth with modest recoil.
  • High pellet energy.
  • Also available in 20 Gauge


GaugeShot loadShot SizeWadCase Dimensions - ChamberVelocity fps
1228gmCu 6Fibre65mm-12mm-2.5"1450
1230gmCu 6Fibre65mm-12mm-2.5"1450

Characteristics equally suitable for driven partridge shooting

Amount of Recoil


Cartridge ballistics

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Available Lead Shot Sizes


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