Whatever your chosen discipline or quarry, we’re here to help you find the most suitable shotgun cartridge to reach your full potential and shoot with Confidence.

Can I use 67mm cases in 65mm guns?

For Lead Shot - Yes. Our cartridges are manufactured to pressures suitable for 65mm chambers in modern guns.

How do I apply for Competition Sponsorship?

Please see the separate sponsorship section under the About Us Tab.

How long do shotgun cartridges last?

The answer is in the correct storage. Please refer to the optimum storage conditions on the outer. Between 18-25 degrees celsius and 50-65% humidity to preserve the powder and primer integrity.

Where can I purchase Hull Cartridges from?

The Hull range of game and competition cartridges are available through leading retailers, shooting grounds and agricultural merchants. Please click the 'Where To Buy' tab at the top of this page. Unfortunately we are unable to supply private individuals direct. However your local stockist will purchase in bulk so will offer the most competitive pricing. For bonafide trade enquiries please complete the Trade Account Application Form under the Where To Buy tab.


To make your transition to non-toxic as easy as possible, start asking the questions . . .

Can I safely use steel shot through my gun?

Hull Cartridge have been manufacturing steel shot (soft iron) cartridges for over 25 years. Current CIP regulations governing UK manufacture of steel shot cartridges set tight safety parameters to minimise pressures. In comparison these are lower than steel cartridges imported from the USA, whose use is not recommended under the current guidelines. There are two performance levels for steel shot cartridges - standard performance for use in modern guns (post 1954) nitro-proofed and high performance steel for guns steel shot proofed and bearing the all important fleur-de-lys symbol NB. Standard performance steel cartridges can come in both 65mm and 70mm case length however the shot size must be no more than 3.25mm Fe.4. It is imperative when purchasing that you select the correct performance level for your gun’s proof mark. Your gunsmith will check your gun’s condition, markings and offer expert advice.

What is the correct choke for use with Steel Shot?

In addition to selecting the correct level of performance there are recommendations regarding maximum choke use. Hull's recommendations are as follows: Standard Performance Steel - no more than 1/2 choke; High Performance Steel - no more than 1/4 choke.

How do I select the correct shot size?

As a general rule you should increase the shot size by two sizes i.e. lead shot size 6 - steel shot size Fe.4. What is regarded as a ‘good’ bird is very subjective. This varies according to the terrain of the shoot and the individuals themselves. With the correct shot size standard steel can be confidently presented to a 40-50 yard bird with the desired result. Standard Performance Fe.5 shot - driven grouse, lowland partridge, decoyed pigeon; Standard Performance Fe.4 shot - driven pheasant, roosting pigeon, duck flighting; High Performance Fe.3 shot - will extend the range at which you can cleanly despatch mixed quarry. Remember your aim is for a clean despatch. If in doubt opt for the larger size in non-toxic shot.

I'd like to know more about Hydrowad

To Learn more visit our Manufacturing page, Or watch some of the UK's leading shots infield test the Hydrowad Game Range at various high driven shoots in North Yorkshire - linked at the bottom of the page.

Hydrowad – Available in Lead and Steel game loads for the 2023/24 Season.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel


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