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A family manufacturing business, driven by an ambitious and innovative team, determined to deliver excellence in both product and services to an international market place.


Lets take a journey back to where it all began – 1947 and Sydney Bontoft’s vision to produce The Finest Ammunition. Handcrafted cartridges produced with meticulous attention in small batches – the accent being on Quality and Consistency.  Three Crowns varnished paper case, quintessential English loads designed for side by sides, the unmistakable  aroma  wafting through the air.

Cut to the 21st Century and the range has expanded considerably to offer game and clay shooters, at all levels, a cartridge that delivers uncompromising performance enabling them to reach their full potential.

The face of shooting is evolving.  Lead shot for game shooting and probably clay will eventually be phased out.  This is not a time to rest on on one’s laurels.  The close contact between our R&D Team, top competitors, infield specialists and choke and barrel technology experts, delivers innovation to drive the Hull brand and is crucial to the future success of our sport.  As we embrace these new technologies, safety and environmental impact continue to be paramount, as are Sydney’s key principles which still hold firm today.  Hull is a family business now run by 3rd and 4th generation shooters with the support of a knowledgeable, talented  team.  The Three Crowns brand, where it all began is still available.

Welcome to Hull Cartridge – The Finest Ammunition.



The Hull range is now available exclusively through leading retailers, grounds and agricultural merchants. Our National Distribution Centre services trade accounts via next day delivery largely from stock. With extensive advertising, in store promotion and national exhibitions its easy to keep up to date with new product launches. See our events section for where you can catch us during 2023/4.

Whether you’re just entering the sport, an experienced shot, or a seasoned professional we have a specification designed to meet your needs, instil confidence and help you excel. With leading Gunmakers taking advantage of our bespoke ballistic design service and specialist loads available for the discerning game and competitive clay shots, Hull Cartridge really is the “go to” brand.



Weihrauch UK

We are the Official UK Importer for Weihrauch Airguns.
All Weihrauch airguns and air pistols in the UK should have ‘Hull Cartridge’ stamped on the barrel. If they do not have the stamp they are not covered under warranty.

Please visit our official Weihrauch UK website for all product, event and stockist information.

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