Our team offer unrivalled experience in cartridge design, production and quality control.

Here at “Hull” ballistics are in our DNA. Working closely with a number of top competition shots, infield specialists, choke and barrel technology experts, our team offer unrivalled experience in cartridge design, production and quality control. In a market that is constantly changing its requirements we strive to exceed customer expectations. The latest technical advances are incorporated in componentry and manufacturing process. Every aspect of a cartridge’s performance is analysed to ensure an unprecedented level of ballistics and consistency. Here’s how we do it…

The Latest Innovation


All our cases contain the CX range of primers globally acknowledged as the most reliable and consistent on the market today. Subjected to rigorous quality control checks including primer sensitivity and plastic elasticity, our bi-axially orientated plastic cases are available in brass and "nickel" finish in a range of head sizes. Traditional paper cases in their industry safety colours are varnished for water repellency.

Lead shot

Our suppliers are chosen based on their ability to produce shot that meets our exacting standards. Environmental considerations are also satisfied as the raw material is derived from recycled sources. The control of diametric tolerances ensures that shot sizes are not in breech of competition regulations – an important point when competing at the highest level. Control of spherical tolerances allows the shot to fly truer producing dense regular patterns. Varying the antimony content ensures the correct shot hardness is achieved for each application. Copper and nickel plated shot is used in specialist loads.

Steel Shot

Annealed steel shot conforms to European CIP and Saami (USA) regulations and is still the most affordable non-toxic alternative. Our steel shot is treated with a moisture retardant process.

Bismuth Shot

With a density closest to lead Bismuth is the safe, effective choice for owners of traditional, fine guns with fixed choke, that are nitro-proofed. Bismuth is loaded with traditional fibre wadding and can be fired through tighter / fixed chokes. The ideal non-lead load for use at extended range. Perfect for the moor or areas where ricochet may be a hazard.


Hull’s ethos is maximum performance, minimum pressure. All of our propellants are engineered to our prescribed specifications in terms of burn rate, pressure and velocity. New specialist powders for use with steel shot are shaping the future of the sport. When kept within our specified limits these single based powders also offer tolerant storage over a range of temperatures and humidity.


The importance of the wad is often overlooked. It is the connecting component that transfers the energy produced from the propellant to the shot column. The specially designed compression stage of the plastic wad ensures maximum comfort for the shooter whilst optimising velocity. The material used for our fibre wad is specially selected for its uniform density and thickness before being subjected to a waterproof anti-tear treatment. Our extensive knowledge and experience of using fibre wads over 75 years ensures that even with the modern trend of over bored barrels our wads and over powder cards make an effective gas seal. Making an environmentally friendly choice of fibre wad does not compromise performance.

Hydrowad Biodegradable Technology

Hydrowad's material conforms to CE EN13432. It's 100% plastic free, non-toxic and will degrade in the field over a period of time. With a cup wad environmentally friendly Hydrowad not only throws a dense pattern at range but for use with steel shot it aids barrel protection. On a hot peg, Hydrowad leaves no residue in the barrels. The award winning Hydrowad is available in both our lead and steel game ranges.


Originally trained to traditional cartridge loading methods and later introducing modern manufacturing practices, our Head Of Production is at the helm of one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers. He leads an experienced production team, trained to his exacting standards.

Quality control technicians ensure componentry fully meets our specification and ballistics, tested at regular intervals throughout the day are compliant with CIP / UK Proof House regulations.

Throughout production we measure ignition time, peak pressure, barrel time, muzzle velocity V1, range velocity (observed) V2, pressure curve covering all parameters and of course the all important pattern. Extensive field testing by a team of expert shots guarantees the product is bang on before launch.

To incorporate the values of the brand consistency is critical. Constant QC monitoring guarantees batch to batch, shot to shot, the Hull range ballistics remain within our designated tight tolerances and deliver confident results.


The face of game shooting in the UK is evolving. Lead shot for game shooting will eventually be phased out. Many of you are now looking to alternatives.

To find out more about our range of steel shot game cartridges featuring our 100% plastic free biodegradable Hydrowad click Here.