High Pheasant Extreme Hydrowad

Voted Game Cartridge of the Year 2023

The award winning brand now re-engineered featuring Hydrowad.

  • Confidence boosting, Hard hitting.
  • High Pellet energy for extreme range performance.
  • Xtreme shot minimises pellet deformation for uniform tighter patterns.
  • Hull’s bespoke powders give you performance without excessive pressure.
  • Fast smooth with recoil comparably lower than alternative brands.


  • 100% plastic free, non-toxic and will degrade in a field over a period of time.
  • Biodegradable cup wad maintains tight patterns
  • On a hot peg, Hydrowad leaves no residue in the barrels.
GaugeShot loadShot SizeWadCase Dimensions - ChamberVelocity fps
1232gmXtrm 5,6Hydro70mm-20mm 2 3/4"1475
1234gmXtrm 4,5Hydro70mm-20mm 2 3/4"1475

Amount of Recoil


Cartridge ballistics

Please select a shot weight to view the Residual Velocity and Pellet Energy data.

Shot Weight

Available Lead Shot Sizes

Xtrm 4
Xtrm 5
Xtrm 6

Average Pellet Count


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