High Pheasant Extreme Steel Magnum Hydrowad

High Performance Steel

  • Superior performance for clean dispatch of pheasant, duck and larger wildfowl at extended range.
  • Suitable for use in guns in 76mm chambers bearing the steel shot Fleur De Lys proof symbol.
  • Annealed steel conforms to CIP regulations.
  • Patterns tighter than lead due to less pellet deformation.
  • Max 1/4 choke.


  • 100% plastic free, non-toxic and will degrade in a field over a period of time.
  • Biodegradable cup wad maintains tight patterns and aids barrel protection for use with steel shot
  • On a hot peg, Hydrowad leaves no residue in the barrels.
GaugeShot loadShot SizeWadCase Dimensions - ChamberVelocity fps
1234gmFe1, Fe3, Fe4Hydro76mm-20mm-3"CIP

Amount of Recoil


Cartridge ballistics

Please select a shot weight to view the Residual Velocity and Pellet Energy data.

Shot Weight

Available Lead Shot Sizes

Fe1 HP
Fe3 HP

Average Pellet Count


The Hydrowad High Pheasant Extremes have really impressed me, not only with the stopping power through relatively little choke, but also with the lack of felt recoil - a fantastic development.

Ed Solomons

In-Field Instructor

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