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High Velocity Competition Line

When the going gets tough, the tough switch to 27gm!

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Gauge Description Shot Load Shot Size Wad Case Dimensions Velocity
12 SUPERFAST 27g 7.5 Plastic 70mm-8mm-2.75" 1500
12 SUPERFAST 27g 7.5 Fibre 70mm-8mm-2.75" 1500
  •  A shell with a lot of performance for your money.
  • What you sacrifice in shot weight you certainly gain in speed and down range performance.
  • Firm recoil, reliably cycles semi autos.
  • Limited specification keeps the price right on target. 

() = while stocks last

Average Pellet Count
7.5 356

Available Lead Shot Sizes


Cartridge Ballistics

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Amount Of Recoil


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