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Extended Range

A cartridge that truly delivers a winning performance giving you "The Edge".


"A hell of a shell, a world class cartridge. Choosing Sovereign means one less thing to think about"

- Richard Bunning. 2018 World Sporting Champion

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Gauge Description Shot Load Shot Size Wad Case Dimensions Velocity
12 SOVEREIGN 24g 7.5, 8, 9 Plastic 70mm-16mm-2.75" 1550
12 SOVEREIGN 28g 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8 Plastic 70mm-16mm-2.75" 1500
  • Sovereign literally vaporises clays and is the choice of champions across the disciplines.
  • Consistent ballistics have helped champion Paul Chaplow acheive 149 (as at July 2018)  perfect 100/300 scores at DTL 
  • High pellet energy for extended range targets
  • Colour coded cases for easy shot size identification
  • Competition grade hardened shot
  • Comprehensive range of shot size covers all olympic, international and domestic disciplines
  • Fast and smooth with moderate recoil
  • Too many titles to list! See our Hot Shots Page - If you're in it to win it must be tried

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Average Pellet Count
5* Antimony 5* Antimony
24gm 28gm
6.5 -- 285
7 -- 352
7.5 338 394
8 384 448
9 540

Available Lead Shot Sizes


Cartridge Ballistics

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Chosen By

Emma Stacey

Silver Ladies English Open Compak 2019 UK Ladies FITASC Champion 2018

Shaun Stacey

First person in History to shoot 100 FITASC straight in the UK, British & English FITASC, Champion CPSA Champion of Champions

Richard Bunning

English Open Sporting Champion 2018, Beretta World Sporting Champion 2017

Richard King

Blaser All Round Champion 2019, 1st AAA Class ESSEX Masters 2019

Martin Myers

High Gun English Open Compak 2019

Steve Williams

World Senior FITASC Sporting Champion 2018

Georgia Moule

English Open Sporting Ladies and Lady Junior Champion, Ladies 2nd Essexs masters Sporting Champion

Jamie Gutteridge

1st Disabled Essex Master 2019

Matt Hance

2019 English Open High Gun