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Sporting 100

High Performance Load

Attain the perfect score with this competitively priced shell boasting minimum recoil.

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Gauge Description Shot Load Shot Size Wad Case Dimensions Velocity
12 SPORTING 100 28g 7.5, 8 Plastic 70mm-12mm-2.75" 1400
12 SPORTING 100 28g 7.5, 8 Fibre 70mm-12mm - 2.75" 1400
  • Developed in conjunction with Ed Solomons
  • Performance to meet the requirements of the competitive club shot
  • Throws exceptional patterns at long range
  • Smooth by nature
  • Competition grade hardened shot
  • Take your shooting to the next level with his mid priced shell
  • NOW AVAILABLE in Fibre Wad by public demand!

() = while stocks last

Average Pellet Count
2* Antimony
7.5 394
8 448

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Cartridge Ballistics

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