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Pro Steel

Non Toxic Competition

The affordable and effective non toxic alternative.

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Gauge Description Shot Load Shot Size Wad Case Dimensions Velocity
12 PRO STEEL 19g 7 Plastic 70mm-8mm-2.75" 1375
12 PRO STEEL 24g 7 Plastic 70mm-8mm-2.75" 1375
12 PRO STEEL 28g 7 Plastic 70mm-8mm-2.75" 1375
  • Suitable for use in 70mm standard proofed guns
  • High velocity, moderate recoil
  • Annealed steel conforms to C.I.P regulations
  • Specialist steel wad, features protective shot cup, to aid barrel protection
  • Patterns tighter than lead due to less pellet deformation
  • Suitable for use up to 40 metres

() = while stocks last

Average Pellet Count
19gm 24gm 28gm
Fe 7 283 358 417

Available Lead Shot Sizes

Fe 7

Cartridge Ballistics

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