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Pro Piston

High Performance

A cartridge for the serious competitor aiming to maximise their score.

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Gauge Description Shot Load Shot Size Wad Case Dimensions Velocity
12 PRO PISTON 28g 9 Plastic 70mm-12mm-2.75" 1475
  • A specialist load which deploys the "shot cloud" wad system
  • Fast shot dispersal with maximum pattern spread
  • Devestaing kills on close range (25 metre) targets
  • Moderate recoil

() = while stocks last

Average Pellet Count
9 630

Available Lead Shot Sizes


Cartridge Ballistics

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Amount Of Recoil


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Chosen By

Steve Brightwell

Veteran UK FITASC Winner 2019,

Georgia Moule

English Open Sporting Ladies and Lady Junior Champion, Ladies 2nd Essexs masters Sporting Champion

David Kempley

Broze Vets English Open Compak 2019 - Compak Sporting British Grand Prix Senior 2018