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Confidence To Win

With more and more champions featured in the winners section, Hull is clearly the firm favourite of the serious competitor. With batch to batch and shot to shot consistency choosing Hull will allow you to focus purely on the target ahead and could just give you The Edge this year.

Hull Hot Shots and Sponsored Shooters

Matt Hance

2020 UK FITASC Champion
Pro One Sovereign

Sam Green

2020 English Open Sport Trap Champion
Sovereign Parcours

Emma Stacey

2020 UK Ladies FITASC Champion

Martin Myers

2020 Runner Up UK FITASC Champion, High Gun English Open Compak 2019

Richard King

Skeet / All Round County Champion 2020

Shaun Stacey

Somerset Sporting Champion 2020, First person in History to shoot 100 FITASC straight in the UK

Bill Baughan

3rd AAA Pro One Challenge 2020, Game Fair Challenge Winner 2019
Sovereign Fibre

Steve Brightwell

Veteran UK FITASC Winner 2019,
Sovereign Parcours Pro Piston

James Bradley Day

1st AAA English open Sport trap 2020

Will Page

Colts High Gun English open Sporttrap 2020
Pro One

Charlie Monahan

Junior Gold Beretta World Sporting, 2021 Junior Bronze UK FITASC 2020
Sovereign Parcours

Shooting Accessories

Superb quality, sourced from only the best manufacturers and tailored to our specific requirements. Designed by shooters, supplied by shooters... for shooters.

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