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Robert Everitt

Business Development Manager

Opening a Trade account with “Hull”? – Robert’s your man. From placing your first call or pressing SEND you’re in safe hands.  Robert will guide you through our range and get you stocked with our best sellers.  

When he's not at his desk... he's probably on his way to your open day.

Favourite Cartridges: 

                                   Pro One, Sovereign Parcours.

                                   With 10 million in stock to pick from I can

                                   Always find the perfect cartridge for my chosen

                                   Quarry. I always start the season on 30gm Driven

                                    Grouse coppered shot.               

Favourite Air Rifle: HW110 – light,practical and super accurate..

Likes: Fieldsports – stalking, gameshooting, fishing.  Cooking, Entertaining and a scotch egg.

Dislikes: The end of the drive, man made fibres, margarine, short days.