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Kevin Godwin

Kevin will make sure you’ve got the Season’s essential cartridges

Senior member of the sales team, Kevin (The Dynamo) has given you “Sterling”, sorry now make that “Extreme” service for over 30 years.  He certainly knows his Sovereigns from his springers.  Kevin will make sure you’re upto speed with everything Trade and see you’ve got the Season’s essentials (Logo’d up) delivered to you ready for the weekend. 

When he's not at his desk... he's on the sidelines at North Ferriby amateur football club (Ladies!).

Favourite Cartridges: Pro 20 21gm fibre - results not recoil. High Pheasant 20 gauge.

Favourite Air Rifle: HW100 precharged... Presold... Pre order!

Likes: Efficient deliveries, full pallets, ice hockey and squash (not orange).

Dislikes: Carriage surcharges, holidays.